We are known as the REAL creators of smoothies, and stand behind this statement 100%. The Fresh Factor is a company that makes quality fresh smoothies using all-natural ingredients, no preservatives and no artificial flavors. We take measures to ensure our drinks are more than perfect to guarantee you get all the natural smoothie benefits you deserve.

Our smoothie business started out small, and quickly grew into something much bigger. We began with our love for creating natural smoothies and we soon discovered that many other people were looking for the same thing.

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2011, The Fresh Factor initially had one location. Fast forward to 2016 and we have expanded throughout the USA, and are in motion to take on an international approach to revolutionize the way smoothies are made.

The Fresh Factor has a variety of flavors and smoothie blends to choose from because we create smoothies for all kinds of taste buds. Our healthy drinks are convenient and portable so you can relax or drink them on the go. We make it possible to have a smoothie at any time of the day – morning, noon, or even in the evening as an excellent part of a healthy, multi beneficial diet to promote a long healthy lifestyle.

Besides our smoothies tasting ridiculously good, they are also packed full of nutritional goodness. Each smoothie has a perfect combination of healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals all which offer a healthy blend of balanced nutrients.

We are smoothie-making experts, and it is our goal to maintain our reputation. Our team continues to provide a wide variety of fresh smoothies that are loved by many. We know what you want, and we love getting feedback; this is how we continue to make delicious smoothies from scratch that everyone enjoys.

The Fresh factor is committed to providing quality, 100% natural smoothies, period. We are consistent in what we do, and are continuously looking for new recipes to share with you. We want to prove to you healthy can be delicious too, and this is something we pride our company on. We are proud to say that our preservative-free smoothies will excite your taste buds while giving you your daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, energy, and laser targeted mental focus.

Whenever it comes to quality, we make sure that everything is perfect because it is very important for us to achieve the highest levels of quality and freshness.

If you are craving a healthy drink or snack, visit any one of our locations to enjoy a smoothie as a healthy meal replacement option. We guarantee cool, fresh tasting smoothies for the whole family. Our smoothies revitalize and ease all your tensions after or before a busy day, and our excellent customer feedback has proven this many times over.

Without giving our smoothie making secrets away, we guarantee that:

  • Our smoothies are made out 100% fresh fruit
  • Our preservative-free smoothies have no extra purees or artificial flavors
  • Our healthy drinks are full of healthy vitamins and minerals
  • Our fruit-filled smoothies are not watered down


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