Everyone loves smoothies and has a favorite smoothie flavor; what’s yours?

Not so long ago, many people were opting for other types of refreshing health drinks; this was until they learned about the real benefits of our delicious all-natural smoothies. The popularity of our freshly made smoothies, with no additives and preservatives, has gone viral since their inception.

Today, people are including our smoothies as a major part of their diet because of the countless benefits they provide. Fresh Factor offers the best smoothies as the healthiest options when you want to live, eat and drink clean to promote accelerated functions of the mind, body, and overall energy state.

Delicious smoothies promote a healthy lifestyle in so many ways, and this is our core focus at The Fresh Factor. Our mouthwatering, fresh smoothies will indulge your taste buds, which has been proven through our ever-growing reviews and fan base. There is nothing more spiritually uplifting than a fresh smoothie tailor made to provide maximum results.

We pride ourselves on our high quality fresh fruit smoothie drinks and as soon as you take a sip, you will taste the difference and realize what separates a real Fresh Factor smoothie from the ‘other guys’ who use purees and preservatives. Fresh Factor smoothies, with no artificial flavors, taste wonderful and energize you throughout your day before, during and after your daily activities.

There is a smoothie flavor for everybody and anyone, no matter what age, can enjoy a Fresh Factor smoothie that is enriched with many benefits that will leave you feeling revitalized. The added nutrients will boost your immune system and energy and keep your body in harmony.

We promise to only serve 100% real fruit smoothies because of how vital it is to absorb vitamins and nutrients from real fruit. The real fruit in our smoothies not only taste awesome but provide countless perks for the body that result in increased brain process as well as heighted sense of clarity and stress relief.


We are not afraid to say it. Our all-natural ridiculously healthy smoothies are the best on the planet.

What is even better is that they are totally affordable, unlike other smoothie outlets that overcharge for a lower quality drinks made from sub-par ingredients.

We have two goals, to continually provide our customers with mouthwatering healthy smoothies that will help contribute to daily nutritional intake and to keep up with our excellent standard of customer care and service.

The Fresh Factor puts every customers’ needs first. Our fantastic tasting smoothies and the excellent customer service you receive make us the trusted go to smoothie shop we are today. We pay attention to details so we can make your smoothie experience irreplaceable. We have earned a loyal list of regular smoothie loving customers and we make sure we always supply them with incentives and bonuses as a way to show our appreciation. Our tasty 100% natural smoothies will always be served by our fun, excited staff, who are always ready to create a smoothie you’ll love.


When we advertise 100% natural smoothies, we mean it.

Packed with a selection of hand-sorted fruits, we guarantee you will enjoy and savor every moment, drinking a perfect combination of ingredients matched with a balance of vitamins and minerals that come direct from freshly grown fruit.

Our specialized smoothie recipes are uniquely developed to capture your taste buds on many different levels. The blend of fresh ingredients makes for a healthy drink that you can sit down to drink or take with you on the go.

The Fresh Factor smoothies are infused with healthy minerals and vitamins you are able to feel as it rejuvenates your body and high fives your tongue. Our smoothies are a perfect dietary addition that will benefit you and your body will thank you for.

We use selected fruits that are handpicked and delivered daily to give you a taste of premium quality that is second to none.

Wheatgrass in smoothies is also becoming increasingly popular thanks to its nutritional benefits. Basically, wheatgrass contains an abundance of minerals and healthy ingredients, so we engineer some of our blends to include its multitude of perks. You can enjoy our delicious smoothies while contributing to daily nutritional intake of vitamins that we all need to be healthy.

We care about how our smoothies taste, but we also care about your health. We want you to enjoy a long, happy life so we have created the ultimate balance for each type of lifestyle. Every time you visit The Fresh Factor, you are in for a real treat!


We love when satisfied customers come back and enjoy more of our flavorsome smoothie recipes at The Fresh Factor.

This is why we have created a loyalty program to say thank you to our returning customers and smoothie fans.

Our smoothie loyalty program includes many benefits such as free smoothies, chances to win prizes, or a lifetime discount off of your total bill, how cool is that?

Getting started with the Fresh Factor Smoothie loyalty program is easy. All you have to do is subscribe on our site to receive mobile discounts and emails, or visit any Fresh Factor store and sign up for a house account, which you can use in any of our locations.

Another benefit of our loyalty program is that we will keep you up to date with the latest smoothie news and information. You will be the first to learn about our menu changes and any new smoothie flavors we might be introducing; plus, you will also be the first to know about any of our exciting rewards and offers that are only offered to our members.

No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, All Fresh Fruit


Our refreshing fresh factor smoothies set you in the right mental framework for your day. The natural nutrients and vitamins in the various fruits and vegetables we use for our smoothies enhance brain function. We have smoothies made from fruits containing high amounts of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid that reduce the levels of homocysteine in the blood. Taking these smoothies will help you reduce cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease even in old age.

Multivitamin and mineral complexes in our smoothies help your brain to avoid diseases. This means the brain operates optimally and you enjoy more mental sharpness.

Our smoothies are easily digested by the body for release of nutrients for various functions. This enhanced metabolism ensures a steady supply of glucose to the brain cells for optimum functioning. When your brain cells have a steady supply of energy requirement, you enjoy an incredible focus and productivity, thanks to fresh factor smoothies.


Our fresh factor smoothies are unrivaled when it comes to your body health. The perfectly crafted recipes are designed to bring out a combination of helpful effects to the body.

If you are on a weight-lifting program or any other high intensity training program, fresh factor smoothies are the perfect accompaniment. Between your training periods you need breaks for various reasons. During this period, your body undergoes muscle recovery where fatigue and soreness are reduced. Our smoothies assist in the nourishment and revitalization of the tissues as the muscles recover. This is guaranteed by our formula which incorporates a wide variety of natural nutrients and vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our smoothies form a healthy diet with the right calorie levels for proper functioning of the body. For those who enjoy eating a lot, our smoothies are the best alternative as they won’t land you in trouble if over-indulged unlike junk. You also stand an added advantage of a stronger immune system if you regularly take our smoothies.


We all need to spend our day with an incredible feeling about ourselves. When we are in good spirits, all other aspects of life seem to follow suit. However, we can’t achieve that without some motivation.

We derive motivation from different things which leave us spiritually energized. It could be reading an inspirational article or listening to some soul-lifting music. Unfortunately, there is not always time for doing those things we like.

So how then do you guarantee yourself the same feeling every day? Simple. We interact with food every day, and having great meals all the time, makes you super-happy about yourself. Our fresh factor smoothies are specially made to give you that awesome experience that leaves you radiating positive energy all day.

Feeling fresh and energized gives you heightened senses and boosts your psychological alertness throughout the day. This helps you experience a more serene emotional environment and derive more joy and satisfaction from your life and the activities you undertake.

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